Your WordPress Website is Never Secure!

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a security service every month when you can have all that with only one plugin which protects you from various kinds of attacks and makes a fool of anyone who even tries to scan your webiste, and only for a one-time payment of $49?

You’ll be able to foolish the naive hackers using WPScan™ and other vulnerability scanners. They’ll think they’ve found something, but you’ll give them thousands of fake positives and make their data useless. That’s much more cool than being a hacker, right?

Securityy Plugin for WordPress ensures that hackers can’t even scan your WordPress website properly. Avoid negative SEO by securing your website from hackers who will use every possible way to harm your website!

What does Securityy plugin do?

  • 100% automated protection. Just install, set and forget!
  • Prevents WPScan, OpenVAS, Nikto, commix and other vulnerability scanners from properly scanning your WP website,
  • Monitors traffic and denies the access to suspicious visitors. This includes potential brute-force attacks,
  • Blocks DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks via pingbacks,
  • Blocks XML-RPC attacks,
  • Misleads WPScan users by giving them a thousands of false positive results, so their scan becomes useless,
  • Constantly checks your files integrity and protects your website even in a case when your theme or plugins shows version numbers and other data publicly. Securityy deletes them.
  • Analyzes the User Agent data of your website visitors and blocks other scanners,
  • Alerts you when your website is under attack. However, you can disable this.
  • All this with only few clicks!

Get all this for only $49! Just a one-time payment!